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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms﹠Complications

Knowing the Symptoms﹠Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome, can help patients control their kidney damage and manage better kidney conditions. Find the overview of Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms﹠Complications below.

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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms Complications

Is A Creatinine Level of 4.5 Dangerous for Nephrotic Syndrome

Is a creatinine level of 4.5 dangerous for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? Once creatinine level begins to increase quickly, patients usually become anxious, becau...More

Nephrotic Syndrome: Swelling Disappeared with Toxin-Removing Treatment

Why he has such a big belly? Is he pregnant? But how could a man be pregnant? When you see this picture, you may ask such questions. In fact, this man is a Neph...More

Why Do Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Often Have Bone Disease

Do you have bone pain regularly? Do you suffer from osteoporosis? If yes, do you want to know why Nephrotic Syndrome patients often have bone disease? After rea...More

20 Days’ Treatment Helps Patients Reduce 24UPr from 16.85g to 3.20g

In 20 days, 24h urine protein reduced from 16.85g to 3.20g. Really a rapid improvement, right? Such an obvious improvement makes Mr Han see hope of cure. Now he...More

Does Fluid Accumulate in the Stomach Area of Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Does fluid accumulate in the stomach area of Nephrotic Syndrome patients? The answer is yes. Not a few Nephrotic Syndrome patients suffer from such a problem. G...More

Is Dizziness A Symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is characterized by massive proteinuria, swelling, hyperlipemia and hypoproteinemia. Is dizziness a symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome? Not a few...More

Nephrotic Syndrome: 24h Urine Protein Reduced from 6.21g to 1.07g in 10 Days

This boy in picture is a Nephrotic Syndrome patient. He is 3 years old now. But he had severe protein leakage, which was as high as 6.21g. But after 10 days tre...More

Not Breath Well with Nephrotic Syndrome

Some Nephrotic Syndrome patients complain: I can not breath well with Nephrotic Syndrome. I am easily get tired. What medicine can I take so that I can faster c...More

Nephrotic Syndrome: Weight Reduced 10kg in One Week

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients are troubled by weight gain. But for Little Song, he reduced 10kg in one week. Does he have any tips in weight reduce? How to c...More

What Does A Low GFR Indicate for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

What does a low GFR indicate for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? If you ask such a question, it means you do not have a clear mind of the indicators of kidney cond...More

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