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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms﹠Complications

Knowing the Symptoms﹠Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome, can help patients control their kidney damage and manage better kidney conditions. Find the overview of Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms﹠Complications below.

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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms Complications

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Often Have Kidney Pain

When Nephrotic Syndrome occurs, many patients complain about kidney pain. Because Nephrotic Syndrome comes back now and then, so they have to suffer from this b...More

Is Sweating Good for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon after strenuous physical activity or under warm temperatures. But sometimes it is a symptom of a serious medical c...More

Why Do We Have So Many Protein In Urine with Nephrotic Syndrome

Excess protein in urine is one of the top concerns for Nephrotic Syndrome patients. Well, why do we have so many protein in urine with Nephrotic Syndrome? What...More

Moon Face in Nephrotic Syndrome

Moon face is not uncommon among Nephrotic Syndrome patients. It is a medical sign where the face swells up into a rounded shape. Do you know what causes moon fa...More

Fever with Nephrotic Syndrome: What Should I Do

As we all know, fever is a threat for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, because it may trigger the relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome. What should you do if you have feve...More

What Shall I Do to Control High Cholesterol with Nephrotic Syndrome

Question : My son is suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome. His blood cholesterol is also high at 449. What shall I do to control it? Answer : Nephrotic Syndrome is...More

How Does Nephrotic Syndrome Cause Poor Appetite

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients complain about poor appetite. Poor appetite affects nutrients intake so as to affect the all functions of body. How does Nephro...More

Abdominal Pain in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Some children with Nephrotic Syndrome suffer from abdominal pain. As their parents, you may be very curious about what cause abdominal pain in children with Nep...More

Should I Give Cholesterol Medicines to Kids with Nephrotic Syndrome

Question: Is anyone of you giving cholesterol medicines to kids as Nephrotic Syndrome leads to high levels of cholesterol in body. I am highly confused. Is it p...More

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