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FSGS Symptoms Complications

People may have no symptoms living with this disease and we still can find the common complaint of it. Knowing FSGS symptoms and complications can help control the symptoms and prevent possible complications.

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FSGS Symptoms Complications

What to Do with Nosebleeds for FSGS Patients

What to Do with Nosebleeds for FSGS PatientsRecently a FSGS patient told me that he had nosebleed frequently. Nosebleed may be associated with FSGS. Now lets have a look at what causes nosebleeds for FSGS...More

Hiccups and FSGS

Hiccups and FSGSHiccup is a common part of life. When you eat too fast or too much or swallow too much air, hiccups occurs. But for FSGS patients, it may indicate that there is...More

What We Should Do with Depression due to FSGS

What We Should Do with Depression due to FSGSMy 21 year old son has FSGS. He has had this for about 10 months and is getting very depressed about not getting any better. We are trying very hard to keep his spirits up, however, it is really becoming very trying on us all. If we could get him to talk w...More

FSGS Hypertension

FSGS HypertensionHpertension is one of the major symptoms in FSGS, if you cant receive the proper treatment, maybe you will develop into the renal failure and accelerate the dis...More

What are Symptoms﹠Complications of FSGS

What are Symptoms﹠Complications of FSGSFocal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a kidney disease that can lead to glomerulosclerosis. In FSGS, the scarring occurs only in some of the glomeruli. A...More

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