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IgA Nephropathy

FSGS refers to a medical condition in which there are scarring in the kidneys. Read on and find the most frequently asked questions of FSGS, such as its cause, diagnosis, patient’s pregnancy and lifespan etc.

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FSGS Basics

Can FSGS Come Back in A Transplanted Kidney

Can FSGS Come Back in A Transplanted KidneyFocal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is one of the causes of kidney failure. Kidney transplant is one of the most effective treatment for kidney failure pa...More

Is FSGS a Hereditary Condition

Is FSGS a Hereditary ConditionIs FSGS a hereditary condition? Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis is a kidney problem in which part of glomerulus is damaged for some reasons. It is especially...More

What Patients with FSGS Should Notice in Daily Life

What Patients with FSGS Should Notice in Daily LifeFSGS describes that scar tissues develop in glomerular area, causing kidney damage and other symptoms like high blood pressure, anemia and proteinuria. What is...More

Why Do People Suffer From FSGS

Why Do People Suffer From FSGSWhy do people suffer from FSGS? It is normal for people who are diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis to complain why people suffer from this diseas...More

Do FSGS Patients Die Younger than Most People

Do FSGS Patients Die Younger than Most PeopleKidney is consisted of millions of glomeruli. When blood goes into the kidneys, the glomeruli can filter waste products and excess fluid out of the body. When t...More

Does High Glucose Level Cause FSGS

Does High Glucose Level Cause FSGSWith the improvement of living standard, more and more people run a high risk of diabetes. Diabetes means your blood glucose level is high. Does high glucose le...More

Protein Leakage 1.04 mg and FSGS: Can I Be Pregnant

Protein Leakage 1.04 mg and FSGS: Can I Be PregnantQuestion: Hello, I am suffering from FSGS from Nov 2011. And currently my protein leakage is 1.04 mg per day. Please suggest me, can I be pregnant at this stage...More

Can Kids Outgrow FSGS

Can Kids Outgrow FSGSFSGS can be found in any age, but it is more common in children and adolescent. It is said that morbidity in children is as high as 7%-15%. Can kids outgrow FSG...More

Is FSGS Recoverable

Is FSGS RecoverableIs FSGS recoverable? Many patients can not help asking such a question. Go on reading, you may find the answer you want. General introduction to FSGS FSGS means...More

Is FSGS Fatal

Is FSGS FatalWhen diagnosed with FSGS, some patients may feel scared to death. They may wonder whether FSGS is fatal or not. In the following, lets learn something about FSG...More

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